Style World

Our fabrics are flattering and our colors & dyes are non-toxic

The shapes are simple and you can easily combine pieces for a sophisticated look!! Novelty cotton, knits, linen, rayon (made from wood cellulose), Tencel (made from cotton linter) are inviting you to have fun dressing in a relaxed style with a bit of individuality.

Each season offers new wardrobe workhorses

Each season offers new wardrobe workhorses, pieces you can wear over and over and combine to create your “go to“ outfits. Style World Kauai clothes are simple to launder and easy to pack, unpack and wear. Enjoy enthusiastic pieces which are timeless and versatile as well as practical.

Women who demand comfort

Women who demand comfort, quality and easy sophistication with a preference for luxurious fabrics, we create comfortable, honest and beautifully contracted garments and dye them in a rich palette every season.